How to Prepare for Your Flash Clean House Cleaning

To ensure your standards for Vienna home cleaning services are met, we ask for the following:

  • All clutter should be stowed away and off the counters

  • Please move your pets to a comfortable room when we start cleaning

  • If we are doing linen service, please have clean sheets out and ready for us to put on the bed

Don’t do any cleaning before we arrive! Our job is to clean for you, so why would we put you to work? Before we arrive, we go over the plan in detail to ensure all your cleaning needs are met.


What to Expect Before the Clean

We accept spare keys or garage codes if you’re not available when our Vienna professional maids arrive at your McLean or Arlington area home for home cleaning service. To be even safer, we double check the spare key you provide us. However, if you are not comfortable with us being in your home without you present, we ask that someone is home when our housekeepers arrive.

If your schedule changes and cleaning plan needs to be updated, please call Flash Clean at any time and we can gladly assist you. We just ask for 72 hours’ notice. We may have to charge a small fee, however, if shorter notice is given.


What to Expect During the Clean

We choose the best housekeepers for our McLean, Arlington, and Vienna home cleaning services, and we do secure checks on each hired employee. After they are hired, we train them to the Flash Clean standards when it comes to cleaning.

Don’t worry if you are home when our professional maids arrive. You can continue your normal routine while they work around you and give you the space you need.

If you’re away, our Flash Clean housekeepers will continue to clean and make sure you come home to a beautiful home.

Flash Clean’s working schedule is Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. We respect your time by arriving on time with supplies in hand and greet you with a warm smile.

Not every home has the same cleaning needs, and some need more attention than others. Our housekeepers will stay for as long as they can to make sure your cleaning expectations are met.

We take payment when service is finished. Please check with your local office for payment policies, but generally cash, credit cards, and checks are accepted.


What to Expect After the Clean

Once your first cleaning service is completed, a survey will be sent to you asking questions about Flash Clean’s home cleaning services in Vienna, McLean, and Arlington. If you’re not satisfied and chores need to be changed on your cleaning plan, the owners of Flash Clean will make sure the changes are made and notify the housekeepers before their next visit.

If you are not happy or satisfied with our services, please contact Flash Clean at any time and we will guarantee it will be resolved by the next appointment. We ask for 24 hours’ notice about any information regarding your cleaning plan.

If you notice something was damaged while we cleaning for you, we will do our best to replace or repair what was damaged at no cost to you, as we are covered by insurance:

  • Liability: if something were to break in your home

  • Bonding: protects you and your property

  • Auto: covers our personal vehicles while on the site

  • Workers Compensation: if at any point an employee is injured in your home


Contact us for a complimentary estimate on your home today and learn more about the no-contract plans we offer!